Practice Number: 0431591 

Dr. Anique Tredoux (GP)

Medical Aids:

Contracted to:


Discovery Keycare Carecross 

Medihelp Necess

You and your Medical Aid:



Here are a few tips on what to ask your medical aid before you sign up.


  • What is excluded from this plan. (eg. is back surgery and MRI's included if it is not an emergency?)
  • What benefits do I have for physiotherapy, psychology , radiotherapy and pathology?
  • What do I do and where can I go in case of an emergency
  • Can I use any ambulance service or is there a specific one?
  • Do I have to see a certain doctor or can I chose my own GP and Specialist.
  • Do I need a GP to refer me to a specialist before I make the appointment
  • To which specialists can I go - do they have to be in a network?
  • Are all specialists on the medical aid network in Cape Town or are there certain exclusions eg.. Rhumatology, Neurology etc.
  • To which hospitals can I go?
  • What medications do the pay for? Only generic or may the doctor decide which medication is best for me?

Keycare and Remedi Standard patients:

Please register us with you Medical aid as providers BEFORE your visit with us!

To do this phone your medical aid and tell them you want to register dr Tredoux as you provider. Please give the practice number to them: 0431591.

If you have done this ask Medical aid from when we will be your providers. 

If you have done all of this dr Tredoux as well as dr Vietri will be able to assist you as our patients!